CEO CONFERENCE - the main event of the year

Challenged by the global pandemic, CEOs have to make shifts in the way they lead that hold great promise for both companies and society. How can they build on this unique moment?

An authentic knowledge and experience sharing platform to discuss business evolutions, ideas, solutions, innovations, and technologies to shape the world of CEOs in the next months of unprecedented challenges.

We are challenging experienced CEOs, investors, decision-makers, future CEOs, great business thinkers, innovators, consultants, and futurists, both local and around the world, to share insights, experiences, and real case business practices.


The pandemic is driving the world economy to retreat from global economic integration. Policymakers and business leaders are now questioning whether global supply chains have been stretched too far. In an environment where alliances are uncertain and international cooperation is absent, they are also asking whether they should reduce their economic interdependence.

National security and public health concerns are providing new rationales for protectionism, especially for medical gear and food, and an emphasis on domestic sourcing. This retreat will not mark the end of globalization, but globalization can be reversed, at least partially.

Now, in response to the current health and economic crisis, policymakers appear poised to take deliberate steps to reinforce the movement toward deglobalization. These steps threaten to slow or reverse the economic growth delivered by globalization. Even worse, new restrictions on trade could proliferate and inflict damage that could take decades to reverse.


Transformation has taken a quantum leap at both the organizational and industry levels, and the largest changes are also the most likely to stick in the long term.

From reimagining the way of working to preparing organizations for new business models, creative, and innovative CEOs have the difficult task to reset strategies, align, anticipate, and adapt the operating models towards sustainability and resilience.

These approaches require new, innovative methods that target, integrate, and rapidly implement total business solutions. CEOs have now the challenge to reimagine and reset their vision, to adapt their businesses, to speed up the transition. And how can it be made profitable?



Leaders of important companies will share their vision, knowledge, and experience, in an open debate about the transformation of business models driven by creativity and innovation.

The Era of Accelerated Transformation & Deglobalization

  • Rethinking strategies for sustainable growth, balancing priorities between going green, tech and, ethics;
  • Governance – challenging mindsets for a greater transformational strategy;
  • Putting Cx at the heart of your organization to master the new logic of competition;
  • How can companies build flexible and dynamic systems that allow them to emerge stronger and better prepared to face new challenges in the new normal;
  • Addressing talent draught, re-defining roles, embracing the future of work;
  • COVID-19 Will Accelerate Deglobalization. Are the companies prepared for this transformation? How? Are the Romanian CEOs ready to compete in the reshoring process?


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Adrian Ariciu

Adrian Ariciu

CEO, METRO Romania
Lucian Enaru

Lucian Enaru

Country General Manager Romania & Moldova, Schneider Electric
Andreea Ionita

Andreea Ionita

Deputy General Manager and Strategy, Markets and Digitalization Director of E.ON Romania

Radu Hanga

Radu Hanga

Presedinte al Consiliului de Administratie, Bursa de Valori Bucuresti
Dorel Gorunescu

Dorel Gorunescu

General Manager, Crystal BIM Solutions Ltd.
Marius Perşinaru

Marius Perşinaru

CEO, Antreprenor & Consultant Strategic si Organizational