Slide Incorporates an advanced portfolio of premium publications, business events, digital solutions, tools and strategies for Romanian businesses to succeed in an era of challenged trust, accelerated changes, transformations and technology disruptions.
We are changing the story of your company by changing the way your company earns the attention of your customers. We bring in new insights from multiple data sources and transform them into valuable intelligence for your sales force
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Direct Marketing & Integrated Inbound

Powerful and innovative direct marketing strategies. Amazing content delivered directly to the consumer, both physically and through the email marketing. Maximize your campaigns ROI with personalized solutions.

Data Consultancy & Integration

Not satisfied with your data management?. Expect powerful and innovative online applications that provides access to both structured and unstructured “big data” about companies, their activity, key decision makers and financial results.

Big Data & Social Intelligence

Strategic Big Data sourcing tools for your company to discover new customer data from multiple, structured and unstructured sources. Benefit from high quality sales signals or leads directly into your CRM.

Content | Strategy | Production|

Looking for writers to design the right content to attract customers and increase your products or services adoption? We give your content a purpose and a vision. Expect campaigns to help you growth your business, improve your company image, make a voice for your leader’s vision for success.

Advertising Digital & Premium Print

We provide content amplification services. We combine our platforms and social media advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) with PPC search ads to reach your marketing objectives. Our specialists deliver the best mix of Print, Digital, Mobile, Social Advertising for your content to bring amazing results.

RPA Consultancy Services

Robotic Process Automation delivers direct profitability while improving accuracy across organizations and industries. RPA handles any repetitive processes that trasform and streamline your organization’s workflow.
Software robots are easy to train and they integrate seamlessly into any system.

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Custom Events
Industry & Regional Conferences
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