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Challenged by the global pandemic, CEOs have to make shifts in the way they lead that hold great promise for both companies and society. How can they build on this unique moment?

An authentic knowledge and experience sharing platform to discuss business evolutions, ideas, solutions, innovations, and technologies to shape the world of CEOs in the next months of unprecedented challenges.

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Going green requires systemic change, affecting all stakeholders in the value-chain, and substantial innovations in technology, organisation, and business culture. Creative, and innovative CEOs have the difficult task to reset strategies, align, anticipate, and adapt the operating models towards sustainability and resilience.

As part of that effort, companies need a comprehensive sustainability framework to change their business models accordingly.

To achieve this, a common language and a clear definition of what is ‘sustainable’ is needed. This is why the action plan on financing sustainable growth called for the creation of a common classification system for sustainable economic activities, or an “EU taxonomy”.

The “EU Taxonomy Regulation”, requiring most European financial and non-financial companies to outline the environmental sustainability of their economic activities, could play an important role helping the EU scale up sustainable investment and implement the European green deal. The EU taxonomy would provide companies, investors and policymakers with appropriate definitions for which economic activities can be considered environmentally sustainable. In this way, it should create security for investors, protect private investors from greenwashing, help companies to become more climate-friendly, mitigate market fragmentation and help shift investments where they are most needed.


The European Green Deal is Europe’s growth strategy that aims to improve the well-being and health of citizens, make Europe climate-neutral by 2050 and protect, conserve and enhance the EU’s natural capital and biodiversity.

The European Green Deal that envisages investments of EUR 1 trillion in lowering emissions and in circular economy, must be seen as an unprecedented opportunity to reform economies, business, and societies.

Commission’s Action Plan for a greener and cleaner economy set out a comprehensive strategy to further connect finance with sustainability, comprising key actions for reorienting capital flows towards a more sustainable economy, mainstreaming sustainability into risk management and fostering transparency and long-termism.

Thus, the European Commission has adopted in April 2021 an ambitious and comprehensive package of measures related to the sustainable financing and a uniform EU Taxonomy to help improve the flow of money towards sustainable activities across the European Union. By enabling investors to re-orient investments towards more sustainable technologies and businesses, these measures will be instrumental in accelerating the sustainable and inclusive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the longer-term economic development of Europe.



Leaders of important companies will share their vision, knowledge, and experience, in an open debate about the transformation of business models driven by creativity and innovation.

Challenges of the Accelerated Green Transition

  • What is the EU Taxonomy? Who does the EU Taxonomy affect and when? EU Green bond standards – threat or opportunity?
  • Is your CEO roadmap for the green transformation ready? The integrated sustainability strategy: from conformity to impact or how to adapt the business model for sustainability and resilience.
  • What Corporate Sustainability Reporting means in the new regulations landscape – How to support the improvement of ESG strategy and performance by leveraging Taxonomy-related best-practices?
  • The transition to Net Zero – How pragmatic and achievable can it be?
  • Achieving sustainable practices related to the Circular economy – which are the foreseen challenges?
  • Green jobs – how to bridge the skills gap for environmentally friendly and resource-efficient activities.


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Lăcrămioara Diaconu-Pințea

Lăcrămioara Diaconu-Pințea

Country Manager, OX2 Romania
Radu Hanga

Radu Hanga

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Bucharest Stock Exchange
Marius Perşinaru

Marius Perşinaru

CEO, Entrepreneur & Strategic and Organisational Consultant

Silviu Stoica

Silviu Stoica

General Manager, Ramboll South East Europe
Frank Nagorschel

Frank Nagorschel

CEO, Crystal Talent Solutions
Dragoș Tuță

Dragoș Tuță

Președinte Ambasada Sustenabilității în România